Podstawową ofertę stanowi opcja zakupu modemu EKO-LAN (podłączanego do sterownika monitorowanego urządzenia) wraz z Usługą Dodatkową EKONTROL+ , na którą składa się kilka form wsparcia dla użytkownika instalacji solarnej, pompy ciepła, czy też instalacji fotowoltaicznej. Usługa Dodatkowa EKONTROL+ może być odnawiana samodzielnie przez użytkownika na każdy kolejny rok. Możliwe jest nadzorowanie do 5 urządzeń w budynku przez jeden modem EKO-LAN.

EKO-LAN modem may also be purchased without additional EKONTROL+ service. The user then receives access to basic EKONTROL system without additional functions.

EKO-LAN modem and EKONTROL+ are free for 5 years with purchase of PCCO SPLIT heat pump.

Router EKO-LAN for communication
and equipment use * 286 zł


  • Purchase of EKO-LAN router
  • Current preview of installation operation
  • Remote change of controller settings
  • Data archivization on the server
  • Access to long term statistics

Subscription for additional service EKONTROL+ 49 zł

net / year

  • Remote service from equipment provider
  • Multiple increase of transmission frequency
  • Increased frequency of data recording
  • Sending a notification by email, text message

* Controller for solar installations, heat pumps and PV installations.


  • 20% for an additional service while buying an Eco-Lan modem and Ekontrol+ service for a period of 12 months.
  • 20% when extending the active subscription of the additional service Ekontrol+ for a period of 12 months.


Standard access to Ekontrol system allows you to track your system`s performance through a web browser anywhere you are. Thanks to additional service EKONTROL+ you will be able to fully explore the possibilities of our remote control system. Supervise and manage your heating and cooling installations as well as system for heating domestic water or PV installation. Moreover you receive constant support of our after sales service who will help you with any problems and answear all your questions.

Data is transmitted much more frequently, therefore the systems are updated faster. With EKONTROL+, user also receives automatic access to new functions and updates.

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