The basic offer an option to purchase a modem EKO-LAN (connected to the monitored device driver) with Service Additional EKONTROL + , which consists of several forms of user support for solar installations, heat pumps or photovoltaic installation. Additional service EKONTROL + can be renewed by the user himself for each subsequent year. It is possible to supervise up to 5 devices in the building through one ECO-LAN modem.

It is also possible to purchase an EKO-LAN modem without EKONTROL + Additional Service. In this case, the user has access to the EKONTROL system, however without extended support .

When purchasing a PCCO SPLIT heat pump, both the EKO-LAN modem and the Additional Service EKONTROL + remain free of charge for the period of 5 years (device warranty period).

Eko-Lan modem for
communication and device operation * 303 zł


  • Purchase of ECO-LAN modem
  • Current preview of the installation operation
  • Remote change of controller settings
  • Archiving of data on the server
  • Access to multi-annual statistics
  • Reading parameters via a mobile application

Subscription for the EKONTROL + Additional Service 49 zł

net / year

  • Remote Service Provider Service Provider
  • Multiple increase of the transmission frequency
  • Increased data recording rate
  • Sending e-mail + SMS notifications
  • Reading and writing parameters via a mobile application

* Controller for solar installations, heat pumps and PV installations.


Standard, ongoing access to the EKONTROL system allows you to track the operation of the monitored device in real time using a web browser. The additional service EKONTROL + allows you to fully use the possibilities offered by remote supervision of the heating system, building cooling or domestic hot water heating, as well as for intelligent management of energy produced from photovoltaic panels. Above all, however, the user gains constant technical support from Hewalex employees. The support includes not only a reaction to possible irregularities or failures, but also advice on the optimal settings of device drivers to obtain the highest level of comfort of use at the lowest operating costs.

Data transmission takes place with a much higher frequency, which increases the speed of reaction of the supervised device to the entered data, and the amount of data saved on the server is also increased. The user also gets new and updated products as part of the EKONTROL + Additional Service.

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