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Ekontrol is a system available everywhere   everyday at any time

EKONTROL - developed and constantly improved by Hewalex with the aim of providing remote control and monitoring of the installations with renewable energy sources . It offers the widest range of features among of applications available on the market at an affordable purchase price.


of complete measurement data from the monitored system


24 hours a day operation control and access to the installation


available for remote setting*


current and archived*

*Note: The amount depends on the type of the monitored system

Total temporar power of solar installations
  • Do you want to have your installation with solar collectors or heat pump under control?
  • Do you want to know exactly how your system works?
  • Do you want to know more about the efficiency of your installation?
  • You left and forgot to activate holiday function in the solar thermal installation?
  • Do you want to turn on the heating devices before returning home?

In what situations EKONTROL would be particularly useful?

Business trip, vacation, trip with friends, spendings control or perhaps other situations?

EKONTROL allows you to remotely control the operation of:

  • Solar thermal systems
  • Heat pumps for domestic hot water PCWU
  • Heat pumps for central heating PCCO
  • Photovoltaic installations

The operation of monitored system with solar collectors or heat pump is presented in a web browser as an animated diagram. It shows current operating conditions and temperatures measured in the system. EKONTROL allows remote changes in the controller by entering settings of almost all operating parameters.

Which types of controllers are compatible with EKONTROL?

Verify if your controller is compatible with EKONTROL

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